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Jan 3, 2017
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What are architects?
Architects design, construct, and decorate buildings. Architects usually have experience with several architectural styles and can build a variety of buildings, like houses, skyscrapers, outdoor areas, and/or terrain. On McCities, players with the Architect rank must be relatively active, upstanding citizens with building skills.

Expectations as architect
- Follow server rules (current architects: look at the demerit point system for more information)
- Generally abide by the laws - try not to get arrested all the time
- Build houses, buildings, etc. that fit plot standards
- Finish projects in a timely manner
- Tell your clients if you will be going inactive for a few days or weeks, as they may prefer to hire a different architect to complete the job, if possible
- Tell the architect team (in the inactivity channel on discord) if you will be going inactive for about a week or more, if possible
- Practice building occasionally, even if you don’t have any projects. Practice makes perfect! You can also experiment with other styles and designs to strengthen your portfolio

There are two types of projects that architects may be asked to build. The most common project is the player project. Other players usually approach architects when they need someone to build something for them. Player projects help players that want better houses, skyscrapers, etc., and the work makes the city look better overall. It's important to gather information about what the player wants you to build. I suggest asking at least a few of the following questions, if not all:

What is the region name?
How large is the plot?
What type of build would you like (house, mansion, skyscraper, other)?
What style build (modern, traditional, Victorian, etc.)?
Do you want the interior completed?
Do you want any basements? If so, how many?
Any specific features you want in the house/skyscraper/other build?
When do you need the build completed by?
What's your budget for the build?

Make sure to determine a price for the build before starting. Take screenshots of the specific agreement just in case there's an issue in the future. Architects decide on what to charge for builds. However, be aware that charging too much can turn away potential clients and charging too little will attract many clients, which may cause stress and take the fun out of building. Feel free to ask other architects about how much they charge. Remember, you can decline any player project for any reason. Don't feel obligated to take the project if you do not want to.

The second type of project that architects may be asked to complete are server projects. Most of the time, server projects include rebuilding existing warps, building new warps, or construction event-related builds, like for the Halloween event last year. The server is constantly expanding, and new and improved warps help the city. Players have more things to do and more things to explore with these new warps. It's very important for architects to be involved with server projects. It acts as a sort of repayment to the community for the Arch tag, worldedit permissions, and special arch plots.

Arch World Plots
Of course, before you start building all of these projects, you'll need more space. Architect plots are 300x300 and have plenty of room for your builds. The plot commands in the arch world are the same as in creative. Do /plot help for the commands, if needed. If you're a new architect and need to get into the arch world, do /architect.

Architects have worldedit permissions in the arch world. These permissions make it easier to build, especially for placing walls & floors, duplicating apartment rooms, and digging out basements. Familiarize yourself with a few of these commands for the best results: If you make a mistake and can't undo it, especially if it interferes with other plots, contact staff and they'll get you the help you need.

Architect Exams
Architect exams were recently added to the game. They give me a chance to evaluate your interior skills, but the exam may be changed to fit other types of building as well. The exam currently consists of two parts; first, a few questions about build styles; second, a mini-building showcase, where you take a certain sized space and do the interior of that space. I also take a look at your arch plots, transfer requests, and playtime. The exam determines one of two things - if you are demoted from the team, or if you stay on the team. The exam will take place about every four months, in March, July, and November. There's more information on the architect discord under #announcements.

Applying for Arch
Architect applications occasionally open and close with little to no advanced notice. Make sure to build several houses and/or skyscrapers and take your time on them to showcase your abilities. That way, you'd be ready to apply on a moment's notice. Please follow the format while applying, found here: You can post the actual application here: Have fun building!
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