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Mar 22, 2017
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Hello there, this thread is to help you learn what Architects (or Arch s) are!

What They Do -
Architects are a rough equivalent to ‘server builders’. They are required to make builds for the server (when needed) as well as make builds for players (to make a profit). ‘Architect’ is considered an Elite Job/Class, and just like Police you need to apply to join the team (more on that below).

What’s So Special? -
Architect isn't considered a staff rank, nor does it come with ‘OP perks’ which may lead you to ask the question ‘why do I want it?’. First off, Architects are generally more trusted as better builders in the economy, the guidelines are strict so that we have the best builders for the players. Being an Architect you will generally be creating a lot of builds - to accommodate for that, you will have access to larger plots and building tools such as World Edit. Apart from that, Arches have a good chance at being the change they want to see in the server - by making server builds (usually for special occasions) they help out the community.

How To Apply -
When applying for the position, you are expecting to make a build. The build can be anything you want it to be. Usually houses are preferred - as well as a more dynamic style (to suit the server’s needs). The link to the guide can be found here. You can post your application here.

Application tips -
When applying consider this questions - What does the server need? If your build styles are 'gothic' or 'under ground cave houses', you may not be in the best position to apply. As of now, the server revolves around more modern builds (with some exceptions), which means it would be more favourable to make a modern house/mansion. One thing that can affect the out come of your evaluations greatly, is interior. This is more of a general building tip, but whether you are accepted or denied as an Architect, always try you experiment with different styles/palettes - maybe you will work perfectly with one!

Contact an Architect -
Architects are there to help make builds for players, so if you are in need of a new house or shop, feel free to contact one! They usually have excellent build quality and fair prices. Here is a list of all the current Architects.

Izzie / fiireflies - (Head) Architect Coordinator
Aury / auryx - (Head) Architect Coordinator
Pos / Poseidon - Sr. Architect
Joey / DarkMagicinY - Architect (T-Mod)
QueenMelone - Architect
SpookyEve - Architect
DelicateBean - Architect
Koekie_w - Architect
itsvalerie - Architect
PurpleTurkey - Architect (Helper)
itsmarie - Architect
cp42- Architect
sundae22 - Architect (T-Mod)​


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Dec 27, 2016
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People you left out- ll_Nightmare_ll
Cece9898 (Cece)
Lowkey_Alex (Alex)

And Pos isn't an arch anymore
Also special note- Arches don't like it when you hate something about the build and don't ask for it to be fixed or give feedback. It's also really annoying when people act as if they are entitled to have you build them something. To current/new arches: you can refuse builds to people if they don't pay for it, harass you about a build, or you are busy. I also suggest only building on your plot, because then if someone doesn't pay you you will still have the build.
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