Can't become SrDoc or Bio


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Oct 14, 2017
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Hellow fellow citizens of Cities :D

So now if you take the SrDoc exam with 2 jobs you don't get the job. I as a lv 25 miner am not planning to leave that job and such have 1 job space left. Only can I not become a biologist because you need to be SrDoc. To become SrDoc you need to become a Docter. And Docter takes up 1 space of the job list. So yes I have found a way to surpass this incredible defense but still. It's very annoying to finish the exam and then not be able to get the job.

What do I suggest? SrDoc just autoreplaces Docter job if you pass the exam. Or you can have 3 jobs again until staff says you can't.

MadRhapsody btw ;)but you knew that :D

Thanks for your time :D