Denied Daisy_Doggy's Architect Application

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Nov 21, 2017
1. What is your username?

2. What is your server rank? (do /ar check)
Elite (I'm pretty sure) (it

3. Do you have a discord account? (Yes | No | Willing to make one)
Yes, but it's blocked on my router, would Skype work?

4. What plot(s) would you like to submit? (/plot home <number>)
/plot home 2, /plot home 6, /plot home 3 (failure), /plot home 4 (A commission for Purkey), /plot home 7 (Hotel thing), /plot home 8 (Animal commission), /plot home 10

5. What building styles do you specialize in? Choose all that apply. (modern, futuristic, traditional, medieval, terraforming, other)
Modern, Medieval, Terraforming
I'm great at modern because I like the like "texture" of what you can do with it. (Example: Plot 2) I love medieval, I can do old, and older. (Like newer days in the medieval world xD), and I am great at terraforming

6. What types of design do you specialize in? Choose all that apply. (interior, exterior, landscaping, outdoor areas, other)
Exterior, Landscaping, Outdoor Areas, and some Interiors

7. Why do you want to be an architect?
I really would love to be an architect because I would love to help others. Also I would love to build things in a world I could without someone being judge-like, or the game not allowing more then 10 plots. I really want to help others with their builds, and learn how to build more and more things. My builds don't take too long unless it's very complex, and I can make cheaper houses. (Maybe like 15k - 25k) I also would like to have a bigger part of the community. Ever since I was let down in the last time architect applications took place, my brain went down and I became very inactive. The losing of the job made me less motivated to go on mcCities, but now I promise I'll be active.

8. How would you contribute to communication with the team, community projects, and other architect-related things?
I would help by being active, communicating, and making sure everyone is happy. I don't want people to be architects and my fellow friends, to think I'm bossy or something. Also I am friends with most of the architects, so it's better for me. I also am really good if there's a build needed at a certain time. And I can take up to 30 minutes or more if it's a complex needed now kind of build.

If I need any extra help I have like 3 helper friends. (Purple Turkey, Leanne, etc.)
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Jan 3, 2017
New England
Your builds are pretty good so far, try to develop them a bit and perhaps build some more modern houses. However, like you said, your activity has been quite low recently. Feel free to reapply with one or two new builds & after your activity increases a bit! Thank you, application denied.
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