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Apr 2, 2018
The Mariana Trench
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What you were doing before this occurred: trying to move my machines because this area in particular has caused me alot of problems with them, they stopped working like a day or so ago and I found out it was an issue w/ the cargo network even though it all was perfectly set up, I was moving everything out but forgot to take the generator too, against my better judgement I tried to pick it up myself, it's now a daylight sensor, It's in a chest next to the area it broke at, I'm not going to try and do anything more on this property, I've had far too many issues. Nothing else besides the regulators and the panel broke, everything else including the manager and the pipes were fine. If you want to know where the primary regulator was the energy notif is still in the basement.
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: My energized solar generator, two energy regulators (I don't need the regulators, but the solar generator is a must for me)
Location:1783 63 466 (H726)

Please if possible can I have my generator back? It's the only one I have. Thank you!
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