Format For Reporting

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Jul 31, 2014
This topic will contain explanation as to how to report a player you think broke a rule.

To report a player you must use the format in this topic, this helps us deal with cases much faster.

All reports are only visible for staff members to review, which means no player can see your report and blame you for it!


Notice: We no longer accept text logs as evidence, only clear and full sized screenshots, or unedited videos are acceptable.
This is ofcourse to reduce the chances of fake reports and risk having players falsely punished.

Videos or screenshots cannot be removed or edited once provided as documented proof against a player!
Report Format

  • Your Minecraft username:
Your in-game name.
  • Name of the offender(s):
Username of the player you are reporting.
  • What rule was broken:
Which rule did the player(s) you are reporting break?
  • Evidence/Proof:
Screenshot/Video of the player you are reporting breaking the rule.
  • When did it happen?:
Give a date as to when the player broke the rule, like this example: July 8, 2017 or Tuesday last week.

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