Apr 27, 2018
The Magical Land Of Narnia!
I should have said this when the school year started but I won't be on mc as much anymore because of school and the terrible amounts of hw they give us......anyways I will be on here and there maybe on the weekends or weekdays, or holidays if im lucky. :/ If I do come on it might only be for 1 min or so to check in and update stuff and rent things and such so I might not be on long to talk. If you need to tell me something or need a favor you can just /mail me ig and I will see it soon or for a more sooner respose just send me something on here or my discord! ( It's Ghostly#9261 btw :3) Any job that I currently have for anyone I will still be working for you just msg me on disc and I will come on (just tell me a day or 2 ahead of time for time difference things :). If you're reading this. . . .. . . Thanks! Have a great day! <33333