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Mar 22, 2017
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Simple Concept

Players can buy (x) amount of lottery tickets at a certain price (probably $100 or $1,000), and it adds the value of the ticket to a general prize pool.

For example, if 'PurpleTurkey buys 10 lottery tickets for $100 each', then the total prize pool would raise by $1,000 (100 * 10). Hopefully players begin to see this as an opportunity, the more players who buy tickets/put in money, the larger prize pool and therefore a greater incentive.

These lotteries can happen once a day or once a week (whatever time frame is optimal), and at the end of the time frame a random winner is chosen (similar to real life, technically you should have better odds depending on how many tickets you buy).

The important part of this suggestion, is that the winner will not receive the full amount of the prize pool. Like in real life, they should be taxed (I suggest %15 percent of the original prize pool). This doesn't really affect the winner as they would have still won a greater sum of money than what they paid (unless they bought all the tickets :3 ), and it takes money out of the economy, which balances new money being made from ordinary jobs.

I know myself and others have suggested this idea before, but I just wanted to put it out there again :)