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Oct 10, 2017
The main issue is with dust washers, both the basic machine but more importantly with electric ones.

I don't know if it's a patch with Slimefun itself, a result of new Minecraft patches or a specific change, but when a machine's inventory is full no more dust will be produced, even if there is sifted ore in the machine.
It used to be that even if the inventory was full, you could refresh the chance of producing a dust by simply right clicking the washer again or, if the machine was electric, it would produce whatever dusts were in the 'result' inv of the machine.

Why is this a problem? Now, in order to use electric machines, which can only contain two dusts at a time, one must either constantly empty by hand (which makes even a Tier III Dust Washer worse than the basic machine) or install an auto system. It's not fair to expect someone to use a cargo network in order to work their machines. They exist as separate entities and should be able to operate independently.

Thoughts? I understand this may be a Slimefun plugin issue but maybe there's a setting for it? @nibble @LeanneTheUnicorn
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