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Jul 11, 2017
Never gonna tell, UK
I guarantee that the idea of minigames has been suggested a lot over the past week/month/year/idk how long, but I kinda want to explain my idea of it in more detail with a couple of ideas as to how certain things within this suggestion can be done

(most of my inspiration is taken from Hypixel/Hivemc and other minigame servers by the way)

Firstly, the actual minigames. I've got quite a lot of ideas for certain minigames that could be added, some that could benefit a player in the cities world and some that would just be for fun and for something to do if they get bored. Here's what I've thought of so far

1. Football: I think a few people have already suggested this but I genuinely think it could be a good minigame.
- Big open arena map
- Ability to choose from a selection of several teams with the 2 most selected being the ones that will play the match
- Matches lasting around 5-10 minutes so they don't get boring
- Winning team all get a little trophy or semtimental item to keep
- Matches probably wouldn't run very often, like once a week or something depending on how many players come online during the week and how many are online on the day

2. Spleef/TNT Run: These are 2 of my favourite games to play on Hypixel and I'd imagine that something similar implemented on McCities would be good, but a minimum amount of players either online or that want to play the game would need to be a thing before the game starts. I'm sure a lot of you have played these 2 games so no explanation is really needed for this one

3. Racing: Something like car/bike/boat racing minigames would be fairly good fun to play, again taken from Hypixel. You can rack up points by collecting wins and during the actual race powerups can be used to slow down or completely stop other players, kinda like Mario Kart but only in Minecraft. There could be a map selection with a few different maps and players could vote for them with the most voted for being the one that is used for that current game

4. Art competition: As much as the server does have a very nice selection and a good diversity in the way or styles of buildings around the different islands and in the city I think that the main builders of buildings on the server could get together and once on a while have a live building competition. Either that or all of the architects come together (or as many as possible) to see who can build the best or something in a certain timespan, say 10 minutes or something. The winner could have a little crown or something similar and a cash reward and they'd get to keep the crown until the next building competition starts

5. Creative Writing: I'm sure someone has something like this going on already but exclusively on the forums, but adding a similar system in-game woud be pretty ood as it would let players express their emotions and feelings through writing. Every so often, a writing competition could be announced and could take place in /warp school or somewhere else, and you would have 5 minutes to write the best story or piece of writing about a particular subject chosen at complete random with the winner getting a certain amount of money

Another suggestion that I thought of while writing this, and I think has already been suggested, is some type of weekly newspaper or news thing in-game that people could buy. It could contain things like articles about recent or upcoming big events on the server, information about crimes, interviews with players about life on the server and what's been going on recently, advertisements for buying and/or selling and hints and tips for how to survive and do certain things on the server

This is all I could think about now, if I've repeated myself or anything I do apologise but I'm extremely tired and wanted to write this before I forgot about it as it took me a solid 15 minutes to write with me thinking as I go, but hopefully this acts as a helpful suggestion guide and I hope to see at least one of these ideas implemented soon :D


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Oct 14, 2017
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I forgot racing! for the list... why didn't you suggest them in my "best suggestions of 2018" tho xD
nah jk, like the ideas, but some are literal minigames, wich is not really for the server. But who cares :D