Resolved More Broken Sf Stuff

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Mar 18, 2017
Username: Death_Inferno360
What you were doing before this occurred: I got on the server and saw my usual nodes that die like every day (serious problem)
What you've lost (Only if you lost something): 4 Electric Ore Grinder II and around 72 Input nodes, I cant remember the exact amount, just check the amount in the chest but i remember it had atleast 72 inout nodes, it wasnt less than that, im not sure if it was more than 72.

Add cords & plot name for slimefun machine bugs: Sorry I couldnt get the coords but the plot is
(thom164) and its under the staircase leading to the second floor.
If Leanne is fixing it, idk if you remeber the spot where i tpd you to fix it last week if you do remember but if you dont ill get the coords asap but I cant get them rn sorry.


If it's a major bug, start up a conversation with me instead
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