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Feb 18, 2017
What is Player of the Month?
- It's an award granted by the community for a player they find friendly or worthy to hold the title.

Who to nominate?
- The one player you truly enjoyed playing or talking with, whether on the forums or on the server. For being tilt-proof, chill, friendly, trusted or you just simply love them.

What is nomination?
- You will nominate a player you find worthy of the title here in this thread, after a few days of this thread being up, it will be closed and the most nominated players will then be chosen to compete in the POTM poll where it will be decided who the winner of the month is.

Nomination rules are as follow:
- You may vote for one player only and you cannot change the vote.
- You can't enter the poll if you have won POTM in the previous polls.
- You can only nominate using one account, if caught cheating you will be disqualified from nominating.
- You can't nominate yourself
- Do NOT beg or ask others to nominate/vote for you. If caught, you will be banned from qualification.
- You can't nominate previous winners from the past four POTM rounds.

Previous winners of Player of the Month:
- laggynab [September]
- dwarflyncher [October]
- Moaningx/Daniela_x0113 [December]
- Isolqtion [February]
- IIAriusII [March]
- Powerful/ CP42 [March]

Good luck everyone <3
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