Selling a37

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Jan 11, 2018
A37 - SOLD

Plot Size :
12x50 (approx)

Cost : $290,000 (negotiable - /msg or /mail Smilinq in game)

Description :

A37 is property located in Golden Oaks. The home features a ground floor restaurant, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and multiple basements. The home is fully furnished.

To Visit the property do /find A37

2018-01-23_13.54.07.png 2018-01-23_13.54.57.png 2018-01-23_13.55.07.png 2018-01-23_13.55.13.png 2018-01-23_13.55.18.png 2018-01-23_13.55.32.png 2018-01-23_13.55.35.png 2018-01-23_13.55.48.png 2018-01-23_13.55.53.png 2018-01-23_13.55.59.png
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