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This post is about one of the strongest, most kind-hearted people in the world. One of my best friends, and greatest inspirations @FancyChips... I thought i would share the letter with everyone, for i think everyone deserves to hear of how amazing she is. Note: She told me she isnt leaving forever, and will still visit

Dear @FancyChips,
You have been a great friend to me, you are like a sister to me... you always had my back, and were truly my greatest inspiration. You were there for me when times were tough, when i needed a friend, when i needed a sign on hope... but you never lied to me. You always told me the truth, and your amazing for that. Its what makes you a true friend. You were always the angel who would come and save me when i got into trouble, and you taught me how to stand up for myself and others who i love. I am the person i am today b/c of you. You inspire me, teach me, and are one of my besties. I remember when we used to bake cookies together and explore and go swimming. You are more amazing then you could ever know. Someday, ill text u telling you to get over to the airport b/c we will be going to DisneyLand. You are literally the funniest but sweetest person ever. Your the person who i can trust when im in trouble, and the best friend who i can share my deepest secrets with. I love chu <3 and im going to be here for you forever till i die. Maybe on my next cheat day, ill eat chicken ^-^ just for you. Tbh, i wouldnt be here where i am if it werent for you. I'll see you soon..... in DisneyLand!!~~~
- Laury :laugh: