The Universal Forum Rules


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Feb 19, 2017
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This is a list of the more unspoken, but universal rules of forums. If you have something to add or suggested edits, comment below and I will most likely add it to the list.

1) Do Not Bump Threads
Bumping a thread is when someone comments on a thread that is old/dead. Each section of the forum has different amounts of time until a thread is considered dead. but an almost universal rule for deciding if to comment on a thread is if it is more than 2 weeks since someone last responded, it is most likely dead. The reason why people don't want you to bump threads is that it covers the latest, more alive topic and can clutter the "New Posts" feed.

2) Don't Spam
Many things can be classified as spam, for instance; commenting the same thing continuously or posting an absurd amount of threads. This is just annoying for your fellow Forum Members and should be avoided. A way to find a spammer is to compare their posts to likes ratio to other members.

3) Be Nice
Do I really need to explain this?

4) If you don't have anything to add to a conversation, don't respond
If someone is asking for help, don't reply unless you can help. This also goes for topics that you know nothing about, unless you have a question, don't respond.

1) Avoid multi-suggesting
Try to not suggest something that has been suggested by many other people, it's repetitive and annoying. Read through old suggestions to avoid this.

2) Only suggest fully formed thoughts
It is very annoying when someone suggests something that is one sentence long and has no evidence to prove that it would be beneficial. This can go along with spamming as some users tend to post many threads of incomplete thoughts.


2) Don't submit incomplete/poorly done applications
Get help if you need it; what is the point of submitting something incomplete if it will automatically get denied.

3) Be prepared to be rejected
You need to be prepared to be rejected and not have a temper tantrum if you are denied. You should also be prepared to be accepted.


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Dec 27, 2016
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Other Rules:

-Don't comment on any ban appeals unless you are directly related-d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y, meaning that you have to do with that person's ban.

-Try to avoid any sensitive topics whether you just mention it, it can still be offensive to people.

-Don't comment on any posts over 2-4 months old; if there has not been any responses to it then it most likely has been discarded. This goes hand in hand with not bumping posts.

-This can be easily confused and isn't really an offense, but when making a report or court case try to identify if the post is a report or a court case. E.g.- If the person has broken one of the server rules then it is a report and you can not ask for anything like money. If the person did something like say they broke an agreement, scammed you, or they did anything that is not in the server rules but still was an in-game offense. Lot's of people get this mixed up so I put it on here; it's no big deal if you did mix it up because people will comment telling you where to move it to.


Just something to know: For architect applications they don't really get responded to much, but I have been told that if there is no response or follow-up after 2 weeks then you have not been accepted.

That's all I could think of at the moment, but if I think of more I will add them.