What can be done?

Jun 12, 2018
Cali ;)
I can't tell you how many city servers I've been on searching for that perfect one thats actually fun and has the right concept for buying and selling plots making money starting your business etc, and let me say this is one of 2 that I've found that i stuck around usually when i join new servers its just dead. No one online too much going on to grasp and there isn't even anyone online to really get the full idea because the concept is meant for 40+ people online or at least thats the only way to enjoy the server. Anyway I hear a lot "Back in the day" (I seem to always join a server once the old days are over) "The server is dead" So on. And I really enjoy this server and I want to know what we can do to get the server back to its 'old days' , I really want to see this server do well , I want to see as I'm sure you do more than 9 people on at a time or something . So many parts of the server are controlled by rich players I feel and I've been playing for months and months now I've found it quite hard to acquire that first million , not mention mansions and certain things are seemingly only bought and sold one wealthy player to the next.

I guess what I'm saying or getting at is I LOVE this server I find the staff and people to be overall enjoyable and I want to see this continue so my question is in short what can be done to start getting this server 'back to the old days' Maybe player owned cities players can buy land make plot and homes to sell themselves give them a reason to come online, maybe more crime and things to protect yourself from, more serious jail time to make it more thrilling to commit a crime and be caught for it, get old plug ins people enjoyed going again if possible.


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Oct 14, 2017
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The top 1% needs to start paying their fair share!!!!

you are in staff chat right? I believe a solution to your problem was given. ;)

but yes ofc we want a more active community, honestly we had discussions like this a loot on the forums I now just enjoy the server as it is. I hope you can too. Most people are online at weekends!

Hope to see you enjoy this community more and see the server grow!

Also, more events! Roleplay etc! Jaj