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    Maybe we could do something that is like twice on a saturday? So it’s available for every timezone and not every day
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    Mafia - New Role

    If he gets some of the well known players that are known for pvping and have prot 5/6/7 gear he’s good.
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    Awhh Tammy ;-;. You were one of my first friends and always lived with me aha. I’ll miss you!!! Hope we can still talk on discord
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    Farewell! <3

    Nooo!! It sucks to see you leave too D:. Hope we’ll still talk on discord a lot <3
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    I really have to get used to the new forums lmao I was the first one to post on it wowow

    I really have to get used to the new forums lmao I was the first one to post on it wowow
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    Denied cloutgracie's arch app

    Good luck!
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    Player of the Month [Poll]

    We all know who deserved it more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Buying Buying a Storage Plot!

    Maybe she didn't need it back then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't have one right now but I'll look out for one ;3
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    Welcome on the forums!

    Welcome on the forums!
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    Possibly Quitting

    Best of luck in life. The server will always remember you.
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    Why are all my friends quitting ;-;. 3 this week already rippp. Ik zal je missen, ben je nog wel op discord? D;
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    Police Resignation + Goodbye <3

    Nooo ;-; I’m going to miss you so much </3. You were a great friend eventough I sometimes got triggered lol. I hope it gets better for you <3. Goodbye
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    Selling Pet Unicorn

    Help my eyes
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    Your opinion

    Ooh it looks amazing
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    Looks good!

    Looks good!