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  1. Tricoh

    Gone for a while.

    I'll be on every now and then.
  2. Tricoh

    Gone for a while.

    Personal reasons-- meg#0078 is my discord. Bye for a bit.
  3. Tricoh

    Only For the week!

    Nice. Have fun!
  4. Tricoh

    Indefinite inactivity

    I wanted one so badly thanks gabe
  5. Tricoh

    Indefinite inactivity

    oh rip froz, safe travels bb
  6. Tricoh


    Welcome to the forums :^)
  7. Tricoh


  8. Tricoh

    hi kuma

    hi kuma
  9. Tricoh

    Endy's Goodbye

    Good luck Ender, I'll miss you D:
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    Sorry Sebastian that you're leaving, farewell.
  11. Tricoh

    Police Resignation + Goodbye <3

    Oh I'm sorry Sara, I hope your health gets better. Bye my friend~
  12. Tricoh

    Player of the Month [Poll]

    well congrats to magic lool
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    Possibly Quitting

    Jabu you’re honestly one of my best friends, ever since I joined the server we were friends. You have always been there to me and for the past couple weeks we haven’t been talking as much, and I’m sorry for that. You’ve played for this server for so long, and I guess I knew what was coming. I...
  14. Tricoh

    Your opinion

    Looks good Coban
  15. Tricoh

    Good luck nibble

    Good luck nibble