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  1. Uni

    McCities - New Yrs Photos!

    I'm so sorry for not posting this earlier, I told people I'd post these photos on New Yrs Day, which I know, I am a few days late, got distracted, went on Ena's profile, and saw her talking about New Yrs! THANKS AGAIN ENA!! :laugh: OK, So imma just get started with the photos! ( BTW, I tried...
  2. Powerfull


    So! I have been thinking lately, and I think I have a pretty cool idea! As many of you may have been on larger servers intended for more people, they might have a 'friend' system. I thought this would be cool for mccities! For friends, you could do /friend list and see who's on from time to...
  3. KumaBear

    an explanation on why I quit

    Many people have noticed that Ciel and Kate decided to quit .. and many don't know that I quit.... i was banned for ban evasion.... and i did a thank you letter as a ban appeal and had an over dramatic argument with the person that reported me ......... i was soon after denied and I had a...
  4. DeadbushDave

    Hearing about staff quitting?

    hi, I've been hearing about Ciel and Kate leaving the server, and I'm like, "Whaaaaat?!" This was just a question about it, thanks!
  5. KumaBear

    Denied Ban appeal...

    Mincraft name: TheWasabiKuma Staff That Banned You: Hm_Shi Reason For Ban: Ban Evasion Proof Against Ban: I must explain to staff that there is no way i can get accepted.. Heather has not told me / shown me proof that my brother was on my account .. Heather i am asking you to show me because...
  6. Septic_Is_Lit

    Denied Ban appeal ~Septic

    Minecraft Username: SepticTheSavage Staff that banned you: @Console Reason for ban: absurd amount of emerald's sold Proof against the ban: It's been awhile since I was last on mccities. reflecting my personality from when I first joined I've realized I was very childish, I lied and annoyed...
  7. Powerfull

    My Fanfic: The McCities Quest

    Hello all! As you know, I promised to write a fan fiction, and here it is!!! I will be editing this post to add new chapters when they are finished! If you have a role, please note that I cannot have you in every chapter, for the sake of not having it a 12 way conversation. If you do not have a...
  8. Keona

    The Staff Family

    As many of you know, we are a family, thank you to all the players who make McCities great and our wonderful staff team! We enjoy and appreciate each and everyone of you, thank you for making our lovely server great. Our server has been running for awhile now and our success is due to the...
  9. CreeperGamer

    MC Cities Fan Fiction: Ghostbusters

    This Fan Fiction has been deleted!
  10. Fab_Fishy

    Mc Cities Fanfiction: The Plague of Mc Cities

    A/N: I am not copying other writers, just simply inspired by our server's wonder environment and Josh's(Jo3512) writing. If you have not seen his fanfiction, "The Adventures of Nugget", then you're really missing out. Also, shoutout to EnderPort, you gotta check their's out as well. Keep in mind...
  11. mrsenorjr

    Just a couple of suggestions.

    So I have a couple of suggestions, Snow, i would really like to see snow be implemented back onto McCities, it was actually kinda cool to see the snow. If snow would be a issue try putting it near /Warps like /Warp city, /warp shop, /warp city, etc, also it would be cool if some days it would...