1. F3dus

    Bluewing Corporation-Now Hiring

    Hello, hope you all are having a good day. Bluewing Corporation is hiring these following job slots: -Financial Officers -Managers of Financial Department, and Housing Department -Secretaries -Medical Doctors -Realtors -Human Resources Workers -Assistant Vice President Perks In the Bluewing...
  2. RichardGrayson

    Wayne Enterprises is now hiring

    First im going to say some words. I'm proud to start this company / project with my friends. We trying to help new players (Tourist,Expatriate and Resident) to start up by doing giveaways (money, houses and dubs of food) We are also going to sell slimefun items (Technical Gadgets, Energy and...
  3. Iron777

    Hey! H & I House C.o. is recruiting people.

    Hey! I am one of the two owners of H & I House C.o. Currently we have 3 different jobs available to apply, we have Real Estate Agent, which is where you help sell the buildings and houses to the people who occupy them, and Architects, who are responsible for building the buildings and houses...