Case Closed 1.5 mill mythic accidenlty dropped and player won't give it back

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Dec 10, 2017
1. Who are you accusing?



2. What are your claims/accusations?
So I was running around with my new sword I traded for my house!
and for some reason it dropped and I don't know how maby because I play to much fortnite and Q is my building key wich is in minecraft my drop key.
We asked her to give it back and he said yes but went offline, so we think he stole it!

3. Any additional proof you can provide us?

The sword is named "A plastic spoon 2.0" wich I have the Original varient of named "A plastic spoon"
I also own the SpoonFactory Industry.
This is the only screenshot I have from the sword since it was only 15 minutes new!
I think it happend because of a lag spike cuz as soon as I ran into it he had it!

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Mar 18, 2017
I can vouch on this case as earlier, I made that Sword with the Original name of Strange - Sword, which I then added scrolls and some enchantments and I changed the name to Jesus’s Wrath (SP++) for LitJesus as he purchased it. LitJesus then traded the sword as one of the things he traded for koekie_w’s mansion am1. Koekie then changed the name to A plastic Spoon 2.0 and gave it to 2704patrick. I got proof of the tier 4 scrolls in order, I screenied it in my factory before selling. I will send the screenies later if needed.
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