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Jun 22, 2018
your imagination
I joined McCities on January 5th 2018 at 2:53pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Today is the 5th of January 2019, which means that in a few hours time it will have been 365 days since I first joined McCities. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m glad to have met so many amazing people in my short time here. It’s been great to get involved in our small server and getting to know everyone. I’ve spent 449 hours (or 18 days) online, in which my time on here has had its ups and downs, but they’ve all defined me as a member of the community.

Here are some people who have really made my time here stand out (in no particular order)

@Ltg_Flipper Are you a dog or a polar bear? I still don’t know xD. Thanks for all the games of bedwars and just being an amazing friend.

@Dwimmer I know you’re on vacation, but it’s been great getting to know you first as frozenkazoo and then as countless other names lol.

@pengyy As much as you annoy me sometimes with your punch 5 bow, it’s been nice knowing you and improving my cop skills trying to catch you.

@sakethk Even though you quit mcc, you’ve been a fun person to hang out with and helped me buy my first mansion :)

@Smilinq I love seeing your builds around the city, and you’re doing amazing as a helper. Thanks for being a great friend:laugh:

@laggynab Thanks for being just all around amazing xD

@ramdon Thank you for welcoming me so enthusiastically whenever I join, and teaching me a bit about the server when I was a noob xD

@nibble I get that you have important things irl, but try to communicate a bit more with the community. ;)

@MehLife I’ve had a great time as a part of your cop team, and I look forward to serving the server into my 2nd year here on Mccities.

@IIAriusII You’ve seen me get more involved in the community the most out of everyone, from first welcoming me on this day 1 year ago to accepting me into the wonderful teacher team. :)

@Bpacer Amazing Principal/LegendTingz Guild Master ;)

@RSPCA team Despite all the hate we get, I think we have a pretty good cause we’re working to, and I look forward to continuing in 2k19

@Smol Group It’s been good having the opportunity to be a part of your Safari Inc team, and I look forward to seeing it reach new heights in the coming year.

@Cop Team You’re an amazing group of people, and I look forward to working with you in 2019. Btw I am determined to win that spam war >: D

@Teacher Team You’re a brilliant team, and I love teaching with you every time we host school.

Finally, to all our 100k players, past and present. For those who I got to know and talk with, thank you for defining my time here on mccities, and to those who I haven’t gotten to know yet, enjoy your time here :D. Theres so many more people I should have put on here, and I apologise if I missed you.

For those people who are interested, I’ll be hosting a party in around 1 1/2 hours, so try join if you can. Thanks @FroztyStars (why do u have trumps profile pic) for allowing me to use your yacht ;P. Theres free food there ;)

Since I’m nice I converted the times for you.

11am 5th January 2018 AEST
12am 5th January 2018 GMT
7 pm 4th January 2018, EST

I hope to see you there! I’m looking forward to spending my 2nd year on mccities meeting new people and getting to know everyone in our community better.