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Mar 18, 2017
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1) When players join currently I think they get what $500? My suggestion is when you join the server you get $3,000-$5,000 its reasonable to increase starting pay so new players can enjoy a nice apartment, get tool s they need for their job and have at least some money to start.

2) Increase how much money you need for the rank up to accommodate number one

3) When players join they are automatically teleported to the tutorial and they also get a book in their inventory that explains everything too

4) 3-5% tax when someone buys your plot a percentage goes to taxes (helps balance the economy and large plot sales)

5) 3-D vehicles (I think this is coming or it was being worked on not sure)

6. Player warps

7. Allow islands to change names for $1-2m

8. More Achievements and challenges players can do to get rewards

9. A command to allow the owner of a selling plot to set who the realator is and how much percentage of the sell price do they get

10) Raise the sell prices of potatoes in /warp shop to 2-3 dollars so noobs have a chance

11) An /ah where you can trade items or a /trade command where you can trade items instead of buying something (barter economy)

12) Luxury shop for the rich do waste money

13) Medical plugin with diseases, surgery, and outbreaks where doctors are actually needed

14) An online voting command where players can make polls for example /poll who likes icecream

15) Bring custom items back to shop will raise revenue

16) Auto pickup automatically sends mined items to a players inventory

17) Make rentable mine areas

18) Shulker boxes you can open in your inventory

19) Furniture plugin

20) Updated smartwatch


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Feb 19, 2017
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1) Nope
2) Nope
3) Sure?
4) Nope
5) Nope, lag and when things are "being worked on", that means theres a .java file somewhere with a public class initialized and 5-30 lines of code, so I doubt it.
6) Bad Idea, tpkill is already an issue.
7) There are unique names for historical reasons, deal with it.
8) Sure, don't see any issue with this except doing achievements multiple times with alts.
9) Eh, sure?
10) um ok, no issues here
11) Money exists for a reason. Bartering can be done player to player and a /trade command makes a bit more sense; although I do see the appeal, it just feels unnecessary.
12) Nope
13) I suggested disease be reactivated, it was, then nerfed to oblivion. You find a way.
14) What do you think the off topic section of the forum is for?
15) Eh, I guess there isn't much harm.
16) Those plugins are awful because they take no account of nbt tags and that would break slimefun. So resounding NO.
17) That refill? warp mine seems good enough, and wouldn't people just rent them indefinitely?
18) what? you mean backpacks? the thing that allowed major duplication with ancient altars? there plenty of plugins with them, but they are easy to break nbt tags.
19) No, lag lag and lag. It almost seems like you haven't even been on this server before. There were vehicles, backpacks and furniture which all had issues.
20) That was made for you, you had a monopoly for a long time and were unfair to anyone who worked for you. Big no.

Solution to all the Nopes;
Filter the current currency to another currency with a variable change, benefiting those who change currency earliest and punishing those who don't. This would decrease inflation and there are a few real world examples of such.


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Jan 13, 2018
^ that seems very negative

Also, I love the idea of rentable mining areas! I see players all the time being frustrated with those who may be picking up their ores, or being in their space. It is really an annoying thing to have to deal with. :(
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Oct 24, 2016
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Most of these are things that the server had in the past. While they're all good ideas, they were disabled for various reasons. I think bringing at least several back would be interesting, but I don't know if the server could handle it with all the lag and other issues. When it comes down to it, things need to be prioritized and the lag is a huge problem that gets a ton of people to quit.


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Oct 14, 2017
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Actually we should only increase starter balance when the apartments in the city have really improved. Then we can make nicer apartments a bit more exspencive as they take up more space and recourses.

^ that seems very negative

Also, I love the idea of rentable mining areas! I see players all the time being frustrated with those who may be picking up their ores, or being in their space. It is really an annoying thing to have to deal with. :(
Also annoying to have literally every way of making money being nerfed after a short period of time and have miner be the main source of income for a long time. Miner is good the way it is. There only 20 people online at the time so I dont think the mine will be crowded again.


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Mar 22, 2017
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1/2 of these ideas have been brought up

the others are kinda pointless sry to be bland
also even more lag then before with this xD

Vehicle plugin has been ready since something like march but apparently interferes with another plugin :shrug:


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Mar 18, 2017
totally agree with the first one. if newbies had a lil more money to start with, they'd probably stay
We might need to adjust the prices tho, money doesn’t have any sort of retaining value. Its still in the matter of purchasing power if we increase the starting from 500-5000, thats essentially multiplying everything in the market by x10. Apts would be x10 more expensive, shops would sell and earn for x10 more expensive. More players with money = More earnings therefore the only people at a loss are those who already have earned cash when they joined with 500 since if the economy moves up by x10 everything will eventually do. Even if the server gave you your bal x1million, everything on cities is x1million. Thats how purchasing power works, giving cash doesn’t make them richer. Theyre still at the same place you will only feel richer for a short time. Same way as if everyone started with 1mil, to get an island will cost you 1tril.