Denied 8x17 teacher app yet again

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Jun 2, 2018
Somewhere in the future
My ign is 8x17
The subject i want to teach is: how to save money, the way i can teach on how to save money is to explain and suggest the best ways to get money and where you should store it and what you should spend on certain things on a budget. if there are any other subjects that are available im willing to do either one of those or this subject.
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I would give them 2 verbal warnings,then if they continue to misbehave i will ask them to go out into the hallway for 1-2 minutes, and if that same behavior keeps happening i will send them to the principals office. but if they have drugs and/or guns in sight in their hand and/or off-hand i will send them to the office after 1 verbal warning is said if they don't listen to directions after the verbal warning
Yes i have a discord account my discord is @8x17#9677
My Timezone is Eastern Standard Time
The reason why i want to become a teacher is because i love teaching things that aren't normally taught irl, and I also love meeting new people and i always look forward to the coming days to meet new people and i also love teaching interactively, the way i would do interactive teaching is, i would hand the students a book and quill and have them write down certain things, for example, i would say students please write the following down in your book and quill before i say what they need to write down so they know what we did in class and so they don't forget what the class did that day.
I definitely agree to be a good role model!
Jan 13, 2019
Hello! My in game name is AlohaRiley.
The subject I want to teach mainly is: How to Bake. (SF) I can also teach crafting Health (doctors),and even writing books, I can do gym as well. If there are more subjects I am open to doing those as well. I research their topics and i'll be good. :).
My rank is: Executive.
I would give them 3 verbal warnings, if they continue to misbehave i'd send them to the office. If they have guns/drugs, I wouldn't give a warning at all, id just send to the office.
Unfortunately I don't have discord but I'll look into it today.
My Timezone is EST.
I want to become a teacher because I believe education is important both in game with Mine craft, and in real life with the actual subjects. (Math, ELA, ETC.)
I do tend to have a temper but I manage to get it under control by closing my eyes and pretending I'm on a tropical beach, sounds crazy, but, it works! I do have practice with Mine craft teaching. Believe it or not, I've had this account since the early 2014's. I also do actually teach, school isn't open to much so i wouldn't assign homework, but id hand out book and quills and make them take notes and then after ill give them a quiz.
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