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Oct 14, 2017
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Hello dear readers and thanks for reading this short, but really important post!

I love writing! It's just awesome, what I also love is helping players! So I was thinking, why not combine both?
So I did!
I started a new book series called: A Guide To..

This series will include many big topics you may want to learn more about and contain many great tips!
It's supposed to be funny, but also helpfull. Not all tips work, but if you choose the right ones you achieve your goal easier then ever before!

The First 2 series are on /library menu!
-A Guide to #1 Making money!
-A Guide to #2 Becomming an Officer!

These 2 guides will teach you the in's and out's of making money and maybe becomming a police officer!

I have many more guides planned in the future, and I just want to make sure you all know I'm not doing this for the money. I see every book I sell as a bonus. This is why my books only cost 3500$ and 3000$! (thanks to inflation on cities uhg) Compared to other books this is actually pretty cheap, and if the sales are good and many people enjoy my books I will even sell the next ones for cheaper!

Here are some ideas I have planned in the future!
-A Guide to: Getting A Wife
-A Guide to: Being Romantic
-A Guide to: Getting Banned
-A Guide to: Getting a House
-A Guide to: Becomming famous

If enough people buy my books I will start a free and open forum series, but thats totally secret so :D

Hope you like my books! There on /library menu!


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Hmm i want to read the one about "getting a wife"just to see what guys think girls like xD and i already wrote an essay about being romantic while trying to teach @Powerfull to flirt xD Getting banned, Ooh i wanta read that. Getting a house, thats hard ;-; being famous, im not even close to famous, but i already know i dont want to ever be xD ^-^ great idea tho!!