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Nov 22, 2018
1. What is your username?

2. What is your server rank? (do /ar check)

3. Do you have a discord account? (Yes | No | Willing to make one)
Yes: hailbail #2120

4. What plot(s) would you like to submit? (/plot home <number>)
/plot home 1 (ID: 40;-14) This plot is a very modern home that includes: A Garage, Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Pool, and Storage Room. This house is the perfect cross of beautiful, creative, and simply unique.

/plot home 2 (ID: 41;-14) This plot is absolutely beautiful and it is my favorite build so far. This build is a Huge Suburban Modern Home. Inside includes: a Garage, Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Balcony, Backyard, + much more.

5. Why do you want to be an architect?
I aspire to be an architect because I have a passion for building and I want people to enjoy my builds in the server. I make all different types of builds, from modern to rustic. I have been playing on this server for a very long time (about 2-3 years) and I want to create more diversity. I strive to make homeowners happy with their purchase.

6. How would you contribute to communication with the team, community projects, and other architect-related things?
I would contribute to this server by being active and always checking updates. I would love to be apart of a community project that could change this server for the better. I love any architect related things because I get to be creative and include ideas from many other people. Becoming an architect for this server would be a dream come true.

Thank you for your time in reading this application. I hope you take everything into consideration. I'd love to help out this server.
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Jan 3, 2017
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I like your traditional home on the second plot! However, both homes could benefit from a few more exterior details, like varying depths (such as setting the windows back a block, adding window sills, etc.). The interiors could use a little development - the suburban home has a lot of empty space when you walk in. Perhaps you can add a kitchen island or some sort of dining table. I'd love to see some landscape work, too!

This application will be denied, but keep building and try to come up with at least 2 more houses or buildings with those tips in mind ^ I'd love it if you built another modern house, they're the most popular in the city. Thanks!
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