Being less active in a couple weeks


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Jul 11, 2017
Never gonna tell, UK
So as September rolls around again and as another wave of prominent players are either taking a break or leaving for good for school or high school or whatever, I feel like I might as well add my post here

I joined the server on July 2nd 2017 (and not the 11th as I thought for a long time xD) and remember thinking that this server is oddly suited to what I look for in a minecraft server considering that I'd never even heard of the server until Google did me a favour. I also remember asking a ton of questions to literally every staff member and every regular player that would listen and kept thinking that I was irritating everyone (I'm sure a good amount of people have me blocked from that). But if it wasn't for my relentless questioning I wouldn't have got so much help and support from the staff team and all of the regular and non-regular players on this server.

With that being said, unfortunately I'm gonna be taking a lil break from the server in a couple of weeks, about 2-3 weeks or so, while I start revising for my university course and as I still dont know a single thing about coding I really need to get on it xD After that if I can revise coursework and finish projects and assignments on time then hopefully I'll have some free time to come on the server. Don't worry everyone, I won't come on like once every month or something just to keep my properties, I'll definitely be coming on a lot more than that, but it's just while I get started with this course and get used to the way that things on the course work.

As ever I feel indebted to @sundae22 @Graphic_elf @Powerfull and Leanne as well as the rest of the staff team for helping get started when I knew nothing about the server and helping me become what I am on the server today. I'd also like to mention WonderWoman_DP/Officiallkf (idk what their name is on this site XD) for helping me get started with the concept of selling/buying things and for letting me buy things that made me a ton of money.

I wanna thank @Spyders_Crypt @Auraxien @knight3000 and anyone else that's ever been a cop, you are one of the many backbones of the server and we thank you for what you do

There are way, WAY more many people I want to tag but I feel that would be pushing out every other player on the server, so I just want to say a general thank you to every single player that's either currently active or was active on the server, I've made a lot of friends and would definitely like to keep them while online xD

Last but not least I'd like to thank @Coban , I remember when I first applied for staff and we had a very good conversation about programming and coding and I still remember at least some of it, but I thank you and everyone else for creating an amazing server with such amazing players and I hope it keeps going for a very long time

Like I said, 2 weeks then I'll be taking a break while I get use to university AGAIN, en

Bye for now