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Mar 18, 2017
So I have an idea that I think will be great for players and the arch team. The architects on the server are great builders without a doubt but in some cases to get an arch to build something for you it can be challenging to get a build done in at least 3-4 weeks because of the high demand for architects. However, there are a lot of qualified builders on the server that can build very good builds but don't think they have the time to be an architect or they think they are just not ready. So my suggestion for this is that players will be encouraged to first always check with architects of the server for builds but if for some reason they are not available they can go to a player that is a certified builder. This will be someone who has some sort of certification or "backing" that says "hey this person is a good option if you cant find an arch". For example, I will use @CP42 he is not an arch but a great builder. One day I cant find an arch to build a build so I look for a regular player who is good at building. Option 1 who is a player says they can build it for me but have no backing, however, option 2 @CP42 has passed either a test or has been "observed" by the minister of architects and has backing from a trusted source. This I think is a great solution to the high demand for good builders but also solves the problems of certification and being able to see if someone you are hiring is a good builder.
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