City Quests


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Oct 10, 2017
It seems like more could be done with some of the features in Cities, namely drugs and the doctor plugin.

The idea is to make little quest lines that involve actually using these crafting plugins. Quest prompts and interaction could be handled via NPC's spread throughout the city in reasonable locations.

For instance there could be a quest for each rank of Doctor, Sr. Doc, and Biologist with each requiring more steps or harder obstacles to overcome. The beginner quest could even become a pseudo-tutorial on how the plugins work and what the recipes are.
Then add some story onto it, like working towards eventually stopping a pandemic or outbreak as a biologist.

A criminal quest line would of course entail supplying drugs or doing various nefarious activities to achieve glory in the underworld. Something like this might increase the chances of criminal vs. police rp as criminals dodge police (and possibly other criminals) in order to complete quests. Winning team gets a better reward but everyone participating should get something at least.

Even the Taxi Driver job could have something dealing with time trials, but that might require a little extra coding. Just throwing it out there.

Bonus Points: With a story in place and the infrastructure of NPC's already set up, it wouldn't be too hard to hold events.
-A pending outbreak that requires the contribution of medicines in certain regions of the city. Progress measured by tiers, with each level unlocking a new reward for all that participate.

-Drug or crime competitions. Two NPC gangs can duke it out in a competition to supply more drugs or capture more 'flags' than the other team. Players either choose team or are automatically chosen to avoid bias.

And more! Only limited to creativity. On the technical side of things once everything is set up it *should* run automatically with only bug fixes to handle.