Denied cloutgracie's arch app

  • We are currently looking for new architect and police members, if you feel up to the task for either, follow the links below to apply!
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Mar 7, 2016
1. What is your username?
2. What is your server rank? (do /ar check)
3. Do you have a discord account? (Yes | No | Willing to make one)
4. What plot(s) would you like to submit? (/plot home <number>)
Anyone of them, but definitely my 8th plot
5. What building styles do you specialize in? Choose all that apply. (modern, futuristic, traditional, medieval, terraforming, other)
I am best at traditional, and I know that you wanted more than one style, but I feel that the most successful style for me, would be traditional.
6. What types of design do you specialize in? Choose all that apply. (interior, exterior, landscaping, outdoor areas, other)
Both interior and exterior are my best.
7. Why do you want to be an architect?
I want to be an architect because I previously was one, and I was demoted due to my temper. Since then, I focused on myself, and fixed my temper and attitude. I found a lot of joy in building for others and that is really the reason I want to be an arch!
8. How would you contribute to communication with the team, community projects, and other architect-related things?
I will always have my hand out, for anyone who needs any help in the team. I am also really good with world-edit, so I would be more than happy to help anyone with learning it!
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