Case Closed Court case against purpleturkey

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Jun 1, 2018
1. Who are you accusing? @Turkey
2. What are your claims/accusations? I tped him to my shop and he said this is nice and then bought the shop 2 shops away and copied it and has been deliberately slandering my shop.
3. Any additional proof you can provide us? He keeps running into our shop, copying what i sell, taking the prices down and making them a tiny bit lower then proceeds to advertise as the cheapest whilst we our right next to him. @Poofball is also evidence and we have several screenshots.
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Mar 22, 2017
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a. Never intended to copy your shop, I actually had my own sf shop in the old mall, Im sure older players may remember that, as I had very cheap prices before. On that same note, the only reason my shop is near yours is because it was the only open mall space I could find.
b. You can't sue me for adjusting my prices, you aren't selling anything unique, they're just slime fun dusts, there are tons of shops that sell the same items.
c. I went in your shop a few times not to steal prices .... I am more than adequate of making my own prices.... If you remember correctly, the moment you tp'ed me to your shop, I commented about how expensive certain things were. EDIT: I also did not 'make my prices a little lower' If you were to check, most of my items are selling for around half as much as yours..
d. What do your screenshots even prove? That I was in your shop? One time you even lured in me in there without talking in chat, I'm sure to 'compile evidence'. Also, its still a shop, if you don't like players being in it, you can always ask the police.

extra - He claims I was harassing him, but I was just setting up my own shop. For staff reading this case if you want I would advise to read the chat logs, it's pretty much him messaging me being salty. I fully understand why he may be *confused*, but there is no explanation for him being this upset, as like I've told him, almost nothing I'm doing was related/off his shop.


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Jan 3, 2017
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Players can sell whatever they want in their shops for whatever price they want. If the shops looked very similar, there may be reason for a court case here, but the stores look very different.

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