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Mar 18, 2017
Some players don't know how to use commands such as //fill //cut there are tons of world edited commands so if some guy just tells you there's a way you can build your house better but accidentally brake it cause you don't know how to use w/e. Besides this it can cause lag, I remember there was some world edit lag when they were trying to fix /warp wild once. Some players can literally spam commands to cause lag, besides this I think w/e works even outside your creative plot, like the roads and such, besides this ik a way to literally delete others creative plots without touching it using world edit. Its really abusable and it can cause lag and can be annoying. What I would suggest is higher staff and archs should help out players who need world edit help for example, Player A wants to build basements under his home in creative, but it will take him way too long to break every block by hand. Archs should be give world edit in creative and they should use it to assist players in creative who need world edit help.