Dear Newbies ^-^ ||@Laurel


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Dear Newbies,

Heyo! I hope your having an amazing day ^-^ So i was chatting with @True and we were talking about how it would be really nice to dedicate a post to all the newbies <3 so -COUGH COUGH- if ur not a newbie ;) love you anyways.

Ok so im Laurel or MissFrosty ^-^ and ive been playing on here for almost 3 years :> dont trust my bio cause i have updated that thing in forever (ik it says 2 yrs) xD its literally ancient. Eek sorry i keep flexing the 3 years thing xD i dont have money, and im like the biggest loser here so like ive got nothing else to flex xD so deal with it :> jk jk hehe so im pretty much the most useless player here ^-^ WhoHoooo… ye i rlly need to stop writing these post far too late at night :/ yall really going to start seeing my weird side then xD

So im really sad that i cant be there to welcome each and every one of you ;-; sowwwyy <3 but i wanted to let you know that i love you, and im always here for you if you need anything ^-^ If you ever need any help, i will always do my best! Feel free to just message me if your ever bored, because chances are, if im not spilling tea all over the /gl chat… im dying of boredom running around my house being bored ^-^ I love talking and getting to know people, so if you have a moment to spare, lemme know!! Also ik a lot of people are always working and dont rlly have time to just sit down and just spill tea for a while… so feel free to take me to work with ya xD cause like again, ive got nothing better to do with my life so i wouldnt mind helping out!

Eek so yall lovelys are probably waiting to hear some sorta wise zen advice that ive collected from being literally a granny here.. So i guess my best piece of advice is… take things easy, have fun, and be happy ^-^ i see a lot of players getting rlly stressed over stuff, and honestly, just be a good person and have fun ^-^ and all the things you need like money, apartments, businesses will fall into place. So dont stress too much, just be a good person and everything else will fall into place ^-^

So that was my welcome for all the newbies <3 ^-^ i hope you enjoyed! Have a lovely day lovelys! :> Dont Forget To Smile!!