End of another year


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Jul 11, 2017
Never gonna tell, UK
Gonna be in the pub most of the day today so I'd thought I'd write this while I still remember to

2018 has probably been one of the worst years I've had so far with everything that's happened this year (a lot really isn't appropriate for posting so I'll leave them out)

I've failed university, started a job that I was fired from 2 months later, near enough been constantly ill with various things over the year, and on top it was the 1 year anniversary of my good friend Cameron passing away from a motorcycle accident that wasn't his fault. It's been a massive kick in my ass and made me realise that I need to start making something better of myself instead of sitting in my room doing near enough nothing all day apart from work.

With that being said, this year has actually been pretty good too in some ways. While I was actually at university, I met some of the best people I currently know that have helped me out in so many ways and introduced me to a whole variety of bands that I've either never heard of or that I couldn't be bothered to listen to for whatever reason. I restarted higher education at another university a lot closer to where I live and apart from a couple assignments that I failed (passed them again now as far as I know) it's been going great with me being on track to finally completing a year of higher education without dropping out. My personal music project, while only being recent in terms of creation is off to a good start, I've already had some slight support from a big band that I take a lot of inspiration to for one of the tracks I've created which came as a huge surprise to me. I've watched my friends in bands local to where my old university is get loads of recognition and played some fairly big local music gigs and festivals and I'm honestly so proud of them for doing what they love and being recognised for it. Moving on to this server, yes I'll admit I've not been the best player by a very long shot, and over the last few months we've all seen some very good players and staff leave, but I'm glad that the server is still up and running and I hope for better things for the server for 2019

Here's to a better year for everyone

Take it easy