Glitch wont allow me to use any of my stuff


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Mar 18, 2017
Username: Death_Inferno360

What you were doing before this occurred: I was in wilds, hunting for mob spawners, when suddenly i saw a group of people and i was combat tagged but i couldnt fight back because some glitch didnt allow me to use my items. i was right click spamming my bandages and trying to hit them with my sword and spam my gauss. My items werent responding but they were constantly hitting me which led to me dying in wilds.
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: I lost my 1million bounty, and head that came off from the bounty as well as My legendary sharp 6 2 slot sword with max enchants excluding knockback 2. prot 7 unbreak 6 legendary chestplate. approximately 210000 dollars as thats 3% of 7million i had more than 7mil at the time i died but i am fine with 210k as a close approximate. slime boots and legs. cobalt pick. gauss, explosive bow. and bandages and burgers a stack of each.

Location: It happened in wilds as I was tagged there, not allowing me to use any of my items for unknown reasons but i was repeatedly attacked but i couldnt use my items to fight back or heal myself.

coords: x:1021.3 y:13 x:161.3