Guides to get 800k in 2.5 Weeks.

Mar 27, 2017
It's very simple and you will be like me if you followed what i told you and drop a like too because it very helps me and i will be making more guide.

Rule number 1.
Always stay active because you will get $500 some times when other people vote for the server.

Always go to fishing competition.
This very helps you because you will get money for sure if you come and get at least 1 fish.

Buy a house and sell it with a higher price. - [Do not buy a house that doesn't look big or good because nobody will buy it and try to sell it with a good price.]
This will very help you boost up your money like crazy because selling with higher price will get you money without doing anything much.

4.Always vote for mccities.
You will get 30 levels every time you vote and do /scroll to get mythic drop items because you will some time get a legendary stuffs and you can sell it on /ah for about 20k or 30k.

Build cool stuffs on /warp creative and sell it to people.
You can't very sell it to people but you can trust them to your plots and they will be able to build and transfer the build which they will want to do it.

And that is it!
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Mar 18, 2017
Welp, I mean that’s kinda long but atleast the method isn’t stressful and boring like mining.

Good guide for beginners and players who want to earn some cash without too much work!

Also just a tip, try to win Hover for the Word to type, you can get some good rewards from it, as well as it increases and practices your typing speed.

Stocks maybe a bit complicated, but it’s also a good way to earn money over a period of time.
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