Halloween hat swallows my helmet


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Jan 11, 2019
Username: P00rAF
What you were doing before this occurred: I'm chilling at my friend's mansion
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: I lost my helmet. So it was around 12:50 EST when I decided to put my 2017 halloween hat on. it was very buggy at the moment. SO I right clicked the halloween hat and I wore the hat (cuz it is so glitchy at the moment I also "placed" the halloween hat). After a while I cant find my helmet in my inventory. The helmet is a protection 5 with unbreaking 5 with 4 active scrolls on it (harden 3, needles 3, frost 3, and spikes 3
Location: Cayman X=275 Y=96 Z=814

Please help me, that helmet took ages to make