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Nov 19, 2016
outer space ;3
username: Hermione___ (it's 3 _s lol)
/ar time; 17 days, 5hr, 45min.
rank; Citizen
5 reasons to jail; 1; murder, 2; assault (3 hits+), 3; illegal guns (no license), 4; drugs, 5; trespassing.
The definition of tp jailing is when you teleport to a player near the criminal & jail them. This is against our server rules & I will NEVER do it EVER while I am a Police Officer. (if my application is accepted)
Some police commands I know are; /getpos ; /co i ; /duty ; /invsee .
The bail for 1-5 kills is $500. The bail for 1-5 drugs is $500.
Yes, I read the police guide on our forums.
I would like to be police to help with our criminal breakouts. I am usually on daily, if I am not travelling.
It would be nice to be able to do a service that benefits all players on our server, like helping out with
the criminals that run free in our city.
I do not have a criminal record that I know of.
Not open for further replies.