Hey guys, Just Doing A Little Check Up Post

Jan 26, 2020
I’ve been gone fir a little while.I have completed about 1 month of my 3-5 month fast.I just have a few things I want to say and a few things I want to ask before I go back to my fast.

I am grateful for all of those people supporting my brother on the server.This server has been a great way for him to get out his energy, and gain new friends.He is pretty only in real life and only has a few friends.I appreciate you tolerating his annoying ness and helping him with the server.I personally thank:
For always taking to helping, and teaching my lil bro.Trust me, your his favorite player
For being nice to him even on his first day, and getting him a job at the Eggs-Cafe.He always liked the prospect of having a job, and he lives working there.Your his second favorite person!
For teaching him the way, giving him advice, and helping him when it comes to chick fil a and gabbyx0x0
For talking to him
For keeping him In line when he spams, breaks rules, etc.If it aren’t fir you, he might’ve crashed the website and gridded the entire server by now
For giving him chances to earn money, educating him about the sever, and helping him.your his 3rd favorite person!

Now I have a few questions on his and my behalf:
Mine:IsabelleEgg and LillyEggs, could I get an interview when I get back from inactivity so I can work at the Eggs-Cafe?
Has my apartment and stuff been raided yet?
Any suggestions for things to do on the server?
My Brothers:
Am I fired from the eggs-Cafe?
Has my stuff been raided yet?
Are gabby and chick fil a banned yet?
Am I in trouble with the staff
How do I start a business, please give advice?
How do I buy a plot?
What is the fastest way to earn money?
Who wants to be a co-business partner with me?
Who would be willing to make donations?
Any sponsors?

And that’s it.
I’ll check back in this in a few weeks, please respond to the questions.