Hey, I'm TwistedL0gic

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New Member
Jan 20, 2018
Hey MCC! I'm TwistedL0gic - just another 14-year-old kid from the U.S. :)

In-game I currently co-own Smol Inc. - which you may recognize from our frequent restaurant/bar ads ;) haha. You may also recognize me as the guy who always pvp's @Enharmonically and loses ;/ (I swear I'm not that bad at PvP..)

IRL, my hobbies include music, graphic design, as well as learning about history.

(Sorry if I stole the idea for this next part from previous threads ;L)

My favorite music

Favorite artists: Weezer, blink-182, Arctic Monkeys
Favorite albums: Weezer - White Album, blink-182 - California, Paramore - After Laughter
Favorite songs (at the moment): Arcade Fire - Everything Now, Arctic Monkeys - 505, Weezer - Jacked Up

I don't know what else to write here, so I hope to see you all in game :)