I Am Making Good Progress IRL, Might Be Able To Join Back On In A Few Months

What should I do to make my time more enjoyable on the server.

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Dec 20, 2019
As you all saw in my long term inactivity post, I am not going to be on for a while.However, I am making good progress IRL and advancing to the next stage of my life.I am working with my counselor and parents to break my electronics addiction and help with my Autism, ADD, and me being a decent human being in general.We have been talking about me being able to play some Minecraft in the next few months.So, life is getting better, and I might be able to join in in the next few months. However, I am going into high school, so I will be significantly less active.Finally, here is a message for LillyEggs and IsabelleEgg:
I am sorry fir the mistakes I have made in the past and trying to take charge of the Eggs-Cafe.When I join back on, I would like to get back to working there, however there are a few things I want to talk about.When I would be doing my job, how much I’m getting paid, how I’m doing my job, and anything else I can do for the cafe.Leave a comment in the section below and I will look at it when I can.I need to work out those issues before I resume working there.