Inactive, but joining from time to time. :)


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Mar 4, 2018
The Principals Office
Well, If you already know I am inactive and a sometimes joining time to time but McCities got a bit bored for me since I got really nothing to do besides helping out everyone and hang with everyone but I've decided to post this just in case anyone is wondering... I know nobody really cares or realizes at all but since I'll probably join from time to time I'd like to keep my houses and my progress I've done for 7 Months. Whenever Knight3000 gets back I'll officially be inactive from time to time as you've probably read from now but I need to make sure my duties are done before I leave. I truly enjoy and love each and every one of you because everyone became family to be but I don't play too much since I'm growing out of playing. The only place I will be playing sometimes is Hypixel so if you want to play you can DM me on Discord If you'd like and we can play. Although there might be a time I won't be playing at all and it might be for an extremely long time. Well, hope to see you soon. (PS. Thank you to Leanne and Joey for keeping me here for a bit longer because they've actually given me work.. lol)

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