Aug 25, 2017
As of now Strabella is officially shut down and say hello to Safari!
What is Safari?
- Safari will soon to be the 1st company to have slimefun and real estate.
Is Safari partnered with any other companies?
-Yes, its partnered with Apple owned by trump15024 aka @Gabriel and is partnered with knight3000 Real Estate Group owned by @knight3000.
Who works for Safari?
-Owner and CEO: @JustYourCasual
- Lawyers: @LavaFlake and ImAWaffle__
-SF Engineers: @LavaFlake as Headmaster of SF and @Chazle as a SF Engineer
-Manager: @LavaFlake
-Personal Assistant: @Iron777
-Real Estate Company Builder: FragileBean
If anyone has any questions, statements, or suggestions please message or contact me on forums, discord, or you can mail me :D
Discord: JustYourCasual#7324