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Aug 25, 2017
What is Safari News and What does it do?
  • Safari News is a new feature that i came up with, it would be like real life advertising. Usually in real life you would go to a marketing manager and pay for an advertisement. Well i want to do something like that on McCities. Every Sunday i would make a book, the book is going to be an advertisement about something. Maybe a new feature on McCities or new companies. As for companies/real estates you would have to personally contact me on discord in order to have an advertisement set up. So you would pay me and tell me information of what the advertisement would be about. Each advertisement is going to have 10 copies sold on /library menu or you could do /library search JustYourCasual to find books that i've published.

Discord: JustYourCasual#7324
The real estate is back up and open :D