IMPORTANT Island Guidelines

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Jan 18, 2016
Natural Structure
The island should retain its natural structure, meaning no island owner is allowed to extend the island in an unnatural manner. Extension is only viable if the extension is being made where the island structure is natural.

Overall, island builds should still have a standard in the build. For example, a square wooden tower is not viable anywhere.

Modern theme
The island should keep a modern theme. This does not mean that the island has to be a city, but the island should not have a medieval theme either.

The given space should not be crammed as much as you can for profit. You are expected to space out things where it is needed.

Dividing roles between members of the island to keep the workload low is completely fine; however, if there are constant complaints about issues regarding how the island is managed, you may be forced to disband the "government" or rework it.

Just because the island is owned by you or someone else does not mean you can kick out the residents for any given reason. If you feel that the property should be removed from the current owner for a rightful reason (ex: inactivity, no improvements to build, etc), contact a staff member instead.

Roleplay within the island is okay (ex: army) as long as it's a private roleplay. That means you should not involve other people that are not related to the roleplay in it.

Overall, as the island owner, you goal should not only be profit. Try to make an island into a beautiful place people would like to visit, not a crammed, low quality block of land that no one would want to be at.
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