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Mar 22, 2017
McCities players~

Welcome to our loan group! Here, we will give out money to players, with a small interest rate. This is perfect, should you want to buy a house or item and don’t have the money. We have a team of three fiscally responsible members who are here to help with your financial business- Death_Inferno360, LavaFlake, and Powerfull.

We will be loaning out money to players with the release of the new company plugin (thanks Kiri :p). We will now explain how this works- as we will not loan out money left and right.

How to get a loan:

Fill out the google form (no sign in required) and request the amount of money, tell us why you would like it, tell us why we should loan to you, and tell us what you will provide as collateral (more details to come). If accepted you will have to do a couple more safety procedures and you will get your loan.

What is in it for you, as a player?

You will be provided with a sum of money at the most convenient time. You can invest this money in whatever way you want to, as long as it follows McCities rules

What is our benefit as the loaners?

We will add a small interest rate to your loan, to ensure that we benefit off of this, as well as provide a stable loan system on the server.

How will you stop players from going inactive, keeping the money (never repaying it), etc?

We have thought this idea through very well, and to minimize our loss in these investments, we will require that you provide us with something equal or greater than the value it is priced at, using /warp shop’s sell prices or an expert’s opinion. This could mean resources, such as stacks of diamonds, a plot, a mythic weapon/armor piece, or something of value such as an old relic or disabled item. We will return whatever you have given us when the money has been fully paid in. Or if you plan on becoming a regular customer you can just keep (for example) the plot with us and only take it when you really need it in order to speed up the loaning process and possibly getting the regular customer service ;)

Who is to say you will not scam us by keeping the item?

I, Powerfull, a moderator of McCities, will personally put my job on the line should we scam you. Each of us are reputable players, Death and I being police as well. Lava being a former teacher and having a great reputation in business. If we scam, we may lose our prestigious roles on the server. Further, we each collect evidence in case of a scam on either end, and suggest you do too!

How much money can be loaned to me at a single time?

There are three main loan package:

Silver: 50-200k
Gold: 300-450k
Platinum: 550-700k

To loan a silver package you need to be rank:

Citizen +

To loan a gold package you need to be rank:

Rich +

To loan a platinum package you need to be rank:

Elite +

We ask that you show us your combined money before receiving the loan. We do this to try and minimize as many rankups and ensure we will receive the money back. If you are a police, architect, or staff member, go by the money in your bank and balance as a way to judge what package you qualify for.

How much/when should the interest be paid by?

We will make interest rates based on the amount you have loaned. The rates are as follows:

50-200k: 20% interest
300k-450k: 15% interest
550k-700k: 12% interest

For timing in payment, we request that you pay the loans back within this time:

50k-200k: 9 days
300k-450k: 12 days
550k-700k: 16 days

Failure to pay back within this time will mean we add on 2% on the first day, and every 2 days after that the late interest gets doubled. If the interest rate reaches 40% at some point, the collateral will be kept and a lawsuit will be filed for 25% of the money you currently owe us.

Do we agree to a contract when we take a loan?

Yes, you do agree to a contract when you take out a loan. The contract is as follows:

I, {player}, am in debt to Death_Inferno360, LavaFlake, and Powerfull because I took a loan of {loan amount}. I agree to follow server rules in using this loan. Should I not follow these rules, I will return the loan in full AND allow the group to keep whatever item(s) I have provided them with as collateral. I will only take out one loan at a time and follow any rules told to me by the group (That are within reason). I will pay back the loan in full before {set date}. If I do not, I agree that the group will negotiate and take a certain payment and keep the collateral, or I will agree to giving them 2% interest (which compounds) extra per 2 days I do not return the loan. Should I have a complaint, I will talk to Death_Inferno360, LavaFlake, and/or Powerfull. If I break this contract, I agree to never receive a loan again. I allow my loaner to keep the collateral if i surpass a final interest rate of 40%.

{sign here}

We will ask that you sign a book agreeing to this contract before any transactions of the money occur.

Why should I loan more than once?

If you loan from us 3 times in a row, you will be given the option to upgrade your customer service in our company to a regular customer profile.

Why do i want to become a regular customer?

If you are a regular customer there are 2 main benefits. The first is we will allow you to keep a semi permanent collateral that you have access to taking from us whenever you would like. But it's there to save massive time in the loan process. The second is for every 3 times you loan you will be given a 3% interest rate drop on your fourth. Some small benefits would be trust between the company and yourself, or having a portfolio in the company files which would make the loan process even faster and more convenient for yourself and for us as well.

Disclaimer: Any “company” that opens right after reading about ours and that uses the general theme of our unique idea can expect a lawsuit.

Thanks so much for reading our post and introduction, we hope you will find this interesting, leave suggestions+ comments!

If you have any questions you can contact any of us through forums, discord or in game!

- @Death , @LavaFlake , and @Powerfull

Join our discord!
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Oct 14, 2017
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Original, funny and nice addition for the server. Tho I'm afrad not many people are going to use it as I would have to give a big house or a lot of items to loan a platinum package.. and you have to pay it all back pretty soon. :eek:


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May 22, 2017
Original, funny and nice addition for the server. Tho I'm afrad not many people are going to use it as I would have to give a big house or a lot of items to loan a platinum package.. and you have to pay it all back pretty soon. :eek:
Well, this is how we thought of it. If you want to loan a platinum package you should already know how to make money on the server. Also, you shouldn't be loaning platinum unless you're buying one of the biggest mansions or an island because buying something with ONLY the loan money will get u in trouble since you won't be able to make that much back in time. You should only take a loan as a completion of your current balance or for a small purchase. Of course the bigger the loan the bigger the commitment.

Oh and afraid*