McCites EGF Fan Fiction Crossover #1: Part 2/2


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Feb 18, 2019
Chapter 6: The Elite Gamer Force

I rushed over to Perry “We have to save Marky! I don't want to think about what Brad is doing to him!!!!” Perry told me to relax “Don't worry about Mary we'll save him! It's getting those Rebels to help is the the problem.” the leader Trump15024 walked over to me “Why should we help you and stop Brad?” I punched him in the face “Listen here: Brad Von Ender has kept control of your city for months, his minions captured my soon-to-be husband and your SITTING HERE WAITING FOR SOMETHING WORSE TO HAPPEN!? DO YOU WANT BOTH OUR WORLDS TO BE IN COMPLETE CONTROL!?!!?” I made a good point and he knew it as well and he asked for a name for this team and I answered “We are The Elite Gamer Force!” so we were coming up with a plan to stop Brad and take back both our worlds, I wonder how Mark is doing or if he gave any information to Brad.


Chapter 7: End-pire

I heard him laughing “If it isn't Mark the RealCreeperGamer one of the EGA’s best agent and engaged to Mary the Disguise Gal the one I wanted to BE WITH HER!!!! YET YOU STOLE HER FROM ME!? I'LL CRUSH YOUR FACE!!!!” I sighed “Mary isn't a thing she's a person with real emotions. It's her choice of who she wants to be with not yours. Besides, she's happy and you should be happy for her if you really care about her that much you'll be glad to see that she found someone.” he laughed “Well if I can't have her NO ONE CAN!!!! You see I created the End-pire in this world and I'll use it to destroy hye Elite Gamer Alliance once and for all! Hahaha! What's that Zane? What do you mean they changed their name to the Elite Gamer Force? They went from EGA to EGF!? Zane stop breaking stuff!!! If it wasn't you then who- sound the alarm the Elite Gamer Failures are coming for Mark!” and he wasn't wrong they were coming for me which I don't understand why since Mary kicked me out of the Agency, I hope she has a good explanation!


Chapter 8: The Enderlings

We were fighting our way in to retrieve Mark but it was no easy task, there were minions around every corner but the Elite Gamer Force never gives up! It seems as though we ran into Brad’s Enderlings and the first one was none other than Carl Creeper “It’ss the Elite Gamer Force! I think it’s time I add a little explosion to the fight. Hahahahaha!” within minutes Carl Creeper is done. The second one was Sally Skeleton “Hello Agents! Are you here to see little ol’ me? I hope you won’t mind having an arrow or two lodge into your body! Hehehehe!” the archer was a little more difficult to battle considering the fact everytime we got closer to her she went farther away. The third was, Wendy Witch “Here let me brew you a potion to make you feel better Agents!”


Chapter 9: Introducing Mark the RealCreeperGamer

We made our way into McCities Mine and we found Mark! There was something different about Mark he had an enchanted diamond pickaxe with Efficiency 4, Fortune 3 and Unbreaking 3 but he kept saying ‘All hail Brad Von Ender! All hail Brad Von Ender! All hail Brad Von Ender!’ we don’t know why he’s saying it but it seems as though he’s been brainwashed and as soon as he saw us he yelled ‘Intruder alert! Intruder alert!’ so we grabbed him and ran out of the mine and back to the base I tried to snap him out of it but nothing worked I cried “Mark please snap out of it! Please it’s me Mary your girlfriend don’t do this to me! After everything we’ve been through after everything you’ve done for me please wake up for me.” and after 30 minutes I looked up and he wasn’t there and I saw him standing behind me “Those you love the most will love you always that’s no lie. But there’s a bad guy that we need to stop, Mary, sweetie please join Mark the RealCreeperGamer in this battle against Brad Von Ender!” I agreed to do it we came up with a plan to stop him and we need to do it fast!


Chapter 10: The Final Battle!

This is the final battle between Mary and Mark the RealCreeperGamers vs Brad Von Ender it’s time to end this interdimensional battle and save both worlds! There was fire and flames everywhere minions spawning, the RealCreeperGamers getting injured but that didn’t stop them. This battle was the faith of both worlds and how the universe would change. If the CreeperGamers won everything goes back to normal but if Brad Von Ender won everything turns to dust, ash nothing but darkness and despair. They were giving it everything they got but in the end the RealCreeperGamers were victorious and everything was back to the way it was and Brad Von Ender was trapped in End Stone prison and the Elite Gamer Force went back home there was something familiar about Mark to the McCities staff and they needed to contact him but that’s for another McCities EGF Fan Fiction CrossOver!