Mining Contest


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Mar 18, 2017
I believe this idea has been suggested before, but I believe there is a way to execute this sort of contest. Similar to the fishing contest, it happens in a timed interval of 2 hours with a minimum amount of 10 players online. And also has Top 3 places. The Mining contest would be similar to this however, the time the mining contest happens would not be the same time as the fishing contest, it will still happen every 2 hours with a minimum requirement if 10 players. And will still consist of top 3 winning positions. The prize system of fishing will remain the same as mining. However the catch to this is players will have to do /contest, which will then warp them to a different kind of warp mine and will give them a new inventory consisting of a diamond pickaxe Efficiency 3 Fortune 2 Unbreakeable and a Shears Efficiency 3 Unbreakable. Your inventory will not move over when you do /contest. In /contest, /ah, /ec, /enderchest or /top does not work so that people cant cheat the system by sending in items through /ah or /ec. The inventory used in the contest is temporary. Any resource earned in the contest can be moved over to a special giftbox item. Any resource in your inventory after the 10 mins, will be turned into a present like item and when you right click this it sends the items to your inv, if the amount of items in this giftbox is more than your inv space its dropped on the floor similar to when people get vip kits.

The system uses a constant pickaxe, shears and time for all players so that it is fair for any player to win the prize. The point systems goes by the ore rarity for example emeralds give you 60 points diamonds 50 and so on so on. You get a certain amount of ppints per resource block you break and not by how much you get because fortune is unreliable. This creates a fair competition and can possibly spike up the amount of players mining since there has been a decline since the spawn rates of resources in mines were nerfed.