Resolved More broken sf machines

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Mar 18, 2017
I lost:
4 Programmable Android Miner
8 Electric Ore Grinder
104 Inout Nodes

Its in plot (thom164) coords: x 13259 y: 70 z: 10850

Its in the only private locked chest thats right in front when u tp to the coords.

Nearly all my slimefun stuff die every single day, its starting to beome an issue. I hope someone finds a way to fix this as I hate setting up the machines over and over and over again and it gets really frustrating happening all the time. Its just ruining the fun and accomplishment I had before just cause of some mjor glitch. The block slimefun stuff dont malfunction easily but the slimefun heads die very quickly.

Please address this asap, its becoming a issue for me and other players and its ruining a lot of hard work we put into makng slimefun stuff.


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Feb 19, 2017
Diamond Cave, Quartz Forest, Kepler 186f
I recommend reducing the amount you put per chunk, if you press f3; there should be an indicator that says E: #/#, that is the rendered entities/total entities. Now try to limit it to a small amount by extending networks like cargo and energy by the maximum amount of blocks possible (5 and 7 respectively), also you can see chunk borders by pressing f3 and g simultaneously. This should limit the amount of armor stands that die.
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