My Energized Solar Generator turned into a Daylight Sensor :(

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Jun 7, 2018
Username: IgniteAimerz
What you were doing before this occurred: I just relogged back from the server restart
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: When the server restart initiated, I left the server and relogged back in when the server was up again. I found out that the dust farm was at a negative power so I thought my small energy capacitor (Gave up on my Carbonado Edged Capacitor and Medium Energy Capacitor) was not working. So I broke the capacitor and found out that the capacitor didn't turn into a head. Next I thought the power source was not working, which is my Energized Solar generator. When I broke it, I found out it had turned into an ordinary Daylight sensor.
Location:X:12447, Y:63, Z:12207 Plot name: gh-3

Just as a reminder, I will be using my spare Advanced Solar Generator in my dust farm for now, so please don't change this generator into a Energized Solar Generator, the broken Energized Solar Generator is in the double chest. Thanks!
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